Who I Am

I began my professional career when I moved to Seattle WA to join Donald Byrd’s Spectrum Dance Theater. Donald has a way of pushing his dancers to a higher level of artistry. I learned so much from him that year he helped me grow as a dancer in so many ways. A year later I moved back to New York and became an apprentice with Buglisi Dance Theater. Since then I have had the opportunity to dance with wonderful choreographers such as Jason Jordon, Havier Dzul, Devin Pullins, Helen Heinman, and Susan Misner.

I was honored to be asked by Donald Byrd to dance in the production of Oklahoma at the 5th Avenue Theater in Seattle Washington in 2012.  In this production I played the part of “Dream Laurey” where I was able to once again work with Donald and dance in his beautiful and unique version of the Dream Ballet.

Currently working with Abdur Rahim Jackson on several projects that have included NAHA Hair Awards in Las Vegas and World Peace Day Performance at Lincoln Center. Worked with Benoit Swan Pouffer on Tracey Rease Fashion Show for Fashion Week in New York. Danced in a Music video by Icelantic pop star Ásgeir, cheorographed by Celia Rowson Hall with dancers from New York City Ballet in June 2014. Dancer for Pleve diamonds brand video choreographed and directed by James Koroni in October 2014. I am grateful to be able to live in Manhattan where art, fashion, music and healthy living are inspiring me everyday.

Dancing has been my passion since I began training at the Connecticut Conservatory of the Performing Arts at the age of ten. I was lucky enough to be able to train with such inspiring teachers including Robert Maiorano, Arlene Begleman, Maria Calegari, Darci Kistler, Mary Ann Lamb and Elizabeth Parkinson.  At the age of seventeen I moved to New York City to attend the Alvin Ailey independent study program where I met ballet teacher Graciela Kozak. Graciela has been a great mentor and teacher to me I would not be where I am today without her love and support.  Whenever available I demonstrate for her classes at Peridance.